[ ] Experience

Developer, Armas Hotels
  • Programmed, and automated, transactions and visitor movement.

  • Created Linux Virtual machines for remote access to in-house applications.

  • Utilized bash to monitor account access, files, and permissions.

  • Automated SQL report generation using SQL Server Agent, and SQLite.

  • Documented, and analyzed daily statistics using Mathematica, and R.

  • Generated SQL reports on guest consumption, and surveys

Analyst, Armas Hotels
  • Utilized R to visualize data, and consumer info.

  • Executed custom SQL queries to calculate ad-hoc quarterly costs requests.

  • Created data entry tools to aid in metric generation for quarterly reviews.

  • Prepared presentations, and PowerPoints, for management.

  • Utilized MS Excel to document, and track, services.

  • Platforms: Ubuntu, Linux, Windows./p>

  • Frameworks: Handlebars.js, Git.

  • Protocols: TCP/IP, S/FTP, HL7.

  • Languages: SQL, Python, R, Javascript, HTML5, CS

  • Technologies: InterSystems Ensemble, Mathematica, R Studio, IntelliJ, Github

  • BI/RDMS: SQLite

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About Me

Hello! I'm Tufan Gebecelioglu, an experienced data analyst/developer. I'm also trained in user interface/user design frameworks, data visualization, healthcare integration technologies,